by Dr. Larry Harper, Senior Pastor



Be ye followers of God as dear children and walk in love as Christ hath loved us...

(Ephesians 5:1)

Not long ago I was in the grocery store and heard the child before I saw him. He wasn’t being bad, he was just riding in the cart saying “hello” to every person who went by. Every aisle you could hear him, “Hey!” “Hey!” What happiness. What innocence. Some people responded in a way equal to this well-wisher’s joy, others walked by smiling. Sadly, some showed little recognition at all.

For me it was a blessing, and I stopped and talked with his mother a bit. “He does this everywhere we go,” she said, adding, “Sometimes it’s embarassing.” “Oh, no it’s great,” I corrected her. “He’s giving everybody a smiile today.” Seeing his joy and hearing his welcoming happiness re-energized my day. 

There is a great lesson for us from this little kid in a grocery cart. Why not engage life and people this way. Oh, I know we have a lot more on us than he does, but would it not make good sense to lighten up a bit and say, “Hey”? Are we so clogged up in our lives that we refuse to speak to others? Are we so private that we really don’t see them? Sure there may be odd looks, but so what! We’ve taken a higher road and engaged life with some enthusiasm.