Rejoicing in the Harvest

by Lawrence O. Harper, D.Min.

Rejoicing in the Harvest

A sower went out to sow.

(Matthew 13:3)

Jesus told a story of a farmer who sowed his seed (Matthew 13:3-9, 18-23). Some of the seed fell on the well traveled path; some on shallow, rocky soil; some among the thorns; and some fell on good ground. The seed on the path was taken away by the birds or trampled underfoot. Those on rocky soil sprouted but could not get any depth of root and died. The seed sprouting among the thorns were soon choked out, but the seed on good ground produced a good harvest. Jesus relates the seed to God's Word and the different soils to the type of people who hear the Word. 

There are those who are indifferent: "the beaten path." They allow the Word to be lost from memory and effectiveness because they desire the path of worldly ways.

There are those who are shallow: "the rocky soil." They have no depth in their lives because they have too many priorities rather than the central priority of obedience to God.

There are those who are cluttered: "the thorns." Materialistic ambition rather than obedience to God’s principles controls them.

There are those who are responsive: "the good soil." They welcome the Word and hunger for its meaning and purpose for their lives and rejoice in its harvest.

Lawrence O. Harper, D.Min. - 
Senior Pastor

Lawrence O. Harper, D.Min. - Senior Pastor