Barbed Wire

The fire will test what sort of work each one has done. 

(1 Corinthians 3.13)

On a youth retreat we were playing capture the flag; that’s where two teams are trying to infiltrate the other’s home base and “capture their flag” and get back to your home base for the win. It was always a blast, running all over the place trying to slip by your opponent without being seen or tagged. The best time to play it was at night. My buddy and I got their flag and were running headlong through the woods at top speed when all of a sudden something stopped me cold, yanking me to the ground. It wasn’t long before I realized what had happened. I had run into barbed wire fencing!

I thought everything was just fine. The coast was clear, so to speak. We were home free, and then all of sudden, things changed. The pain was excruciating by the way, not so much the shredded jeans and torn flesh, but the fact that everyone came to the scene!

There are those times when we rush headlong into making decisions, thinking we are home free. Everything is right on target and will be fine. Then all of a sudden something happens and everything comes to a halt, and that interruption can upset a host of things.

Being young, I did not think about an old rusty fence in the woods, much less running through the woods at night. Being ill-focused in life can create issues as well. The best thing to do is test your motives. Remember that whatever you are trying to accomplish is measured against your intentions. In other words, for every one of us - saint or sinner – we are accountable to God the Father for how we walk or run through this gift we call life.  We also have to remember that the deceiver is out there trying to hold you back and knock you down. However, as followers of Christ, we seek to do everything in the name of the Lord; that is, in His character and purpose.


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