the anticipated date for gathering for worship is july 5.

The Diaconate and the church staff agree Sunday, July 5, 2020 should be set as an anticipated date for our gathering for worship. This decision is made in accordance with the governor's Phase 2 announcement and our concern for the safety and health of our church membership and guests. More details of what to expect when we gather for worship will be announced later.

if i'd rather not go back just yet, how will i worship?

Online worship (on the church website, Facebook, and YouTube) will continue to be provided for those unable to attend person-to-person worship. It will be a delayed, edited video from the previous Sunday's service. We do not presently have the ability or the equipment to provide live streaming.

on june 1, the church office is scheduled to reopen.

The Church Office will reopen on Monday, June 1, with social distancing arrangements and personal protection protocols. Committee chairs will be receiving guidelines for resumption of their meetings.

when will other ministries be restarted?

The anticipated beginning dates for other ministries will be determined when Phase 3 of the governor's plan is initiated. 

i can't wait to get back to normal!

Both the deacons and staff agree that adjustments to the past church routines may be necessary due to the guidelines presented by the CDC and other health officials; plus, our own desires to do what is best for our church fellowship.

Are you practicing proper hand washing techniques?

Hand Washing 1-2-3-4...  it's so easy, but could make a big difference!