He withdrew from there in a boat to a desolate place by himself.

(Matthew 14:13)

A colleague shared an excerpt to a book he is reading. It is entitled Shop Class as Soulcraft, by M. B. Crawford. He points to a condition that all of us face and that is the loss of silence. We are bombarded by noise on the one hand and attention-getters on the other. Everywhere we turn there is another advertisement, media quips, or “other disruptions,” he says, “causing our attention to be used up quicker than ever.” Crawford suggests that we should view silence as a resource. Christ paid noticeable attention to His being quiet for respite. Our times in solitude before God is being sacrificed by the demands of a media rich world. As we strive to protect our natural resources, perhaps we ought to strive to protect our spiritual ones as well. Silence before the Lord is one such resource. We cannot allow the ever-increasing demands for attention dominate our lives. It is important to pay attention in your spiritual life, and one way is building in times of silence. 


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